Sunday, October 24, 2010

Small bricks and present

Cut the cake into 5cm(2in) cube portion. Then cover each portion
as for the main cake.Use whatever cutters you have - flowers,
stars, snowflakes, hearts, and so on. Cut shapes from thinly rolled
modelling paste and attach to the cakeusing sugar glue.

Valentine tier cake

This is my frist 3 tier cake. I am using butter cake and cover with fondant. I cant believe that I can do that.
Once I almost finished it, I felt very happy and proud. I was excited when I manage to make the cake because it came out well.
I hope I will pratice more and observe my mistakes to improve and in the future make better products. I hope everyone love my cake

Pastillage ( Church )

Miniature sugarpaste fairies

Gingerbread Christmas tree

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Cappucino Mousse Cake

If you like coffee flavour.
This is right choice.

Soft Orange Delight

Sponge cake mix with fresh orange juice and
some orange zest.
Is simple.
Try it!